We Are a Holding Company That Invests, Establishes and Manages All
Projects Related to Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Around the

We Provide Solutions and Studies Related to Energy Projects, And We Work
to Operate These Projects Through Private Ownership of The Founder, Which
Contributes to The Success of Strategic Projects That Support the Economy,
Address Environmental Pollution, And Reduce Global Warming.


Projects That We Work To Support
Establish, And Manage.

  • Converting Solid Waste into Energy
  • Construction Of Power Stations
  • Medical Waste Disposal
  • Operating The Industrial, Commercial, And Residential Sectors
    with Thermal Energy and Electric Energy (Renewable Energy as
    A Substitute for Fossil Fuels)
  • Connecting Central Natural Gas to Cities


Projects Done


  • Through The Founder and CEO Of the Group,
  • Head of The Commercial Sector in The Oil and Gas Sector, From 1988 To 1999 In Egypt
  • Founder And Head of Planning Department, General Directorate of Natural Gas, Sharjah
    Electricity and Water Authority
  • Connecting More Than 600,000 Housing Units, converting 350 Cars to Natural Gas, And
    Converting 3,000 Megawatt
  • Founder Of Six International Companies Operating in The Field of Energy

Business Precedent

Speech Of The

Founder And CEO

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you al Nahda group INVESTMENT LLC website, I am pleased that you have taken the time to visit our website which takes you through the broad range of services and products we cater to and the markets we serve.

Hussain Amin

Brief About the Founder

Expert Specialized in The Field of Oil and Natural Gas Since 1988. Since This Date,
We Completed Many Projects Related to Central Gas, Which Included the Three
Sectors, Industrial, Commercial, And Residential in Several Regional Countries In –
The Middle East and The Gulf
From 2013 To 2021, Several Companies Working in The Same Activity (Energy)
Were Established, Through Which Several Important Additional Projects Were
In 2018, Bioenergy Was Established and Launched In New Jersey, USA, As It Is the
First Company Specialized in Consulting Energy Solutions and Environmental
Pollution Treatment to Grant This Activity in The United States of America;
Was One of Its Most Important Goals to Enter the World of Renewable Energy
Differently from Others
Based On Our Experience In The Energy World
We Have Adopted A Sophisticated Work System That Will Have A Distinct And
Different Performance From Others, Which Is The Integration Of Traditional Energy
Renewable Energy, Through Which It Will Replace And Change Fossil Fuels
And Reducing Global Warming While Developing The Environment Around The

The Group Of Companies That He Established And Operated

  • Founder And CEO Of (Gas House) For Central Gas Business( (Dubai In 2013)
  • Founder And COO Of (Dynamic Gas) For Central Gas Business( (Dubai In 2017)
  • Founder And CEO Of (X-Tech) Energy Solutions(, (Michigan, USA In 2018)
  • Founder And CEO Of )Bioenergy Solutions Consulting(, (New Jersey, USA In 2018)
  • Founder And CEO Of )Al-Nahda Group for Investment(, (Dubai In 2020)
  • Founder And CEO Of )The Legend Renewable Energy Limited( (Iraq In 2021)

The Studies and Solutions Presented by The Founder Around the World

Has Presented Studies, Proposals ،And Solutions To Energy And Environmental Pollution Problems In Many Gulf, Middle East ،And African Countries, Including


  • Emirates / Abu Dhabi – Al Ain – Dubai – Sharjah – Ras Al Khaimah
  • Saudi Arabia / Jeddah Municipality
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Sultanate of Oman

The Middle East

▪ Egypt – Iraq – Tunisia – Syria – Yemen


▪ Somalia – Ivory Coast – Djibouti – Ethiopia – Senegal – Congo – Ghana – Mali

Team Work

Al Nahda Group Is Supported by A Distinguished Team That Has a Variety of Scientific Disciplines, Including


Chairman of Board of Directors

Badruddin Rahim

Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Investment and Finance 

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