Babylon (1) Project For Renewable Energy

Converting Solid Waste Into Electrical Energy

The Project Works To Produce 150 Megawatts Of 20 Tons Of Solid Waste Per Hour, Whereby Electricity Is Sold
At A Special Price To The Ministry Of Electricity
The Investment Period Is Twenty-five Years Under The Build-operate-transfer System
Prepare This Project, It Is One Of The Distinguished Projects Obtained By the Al-Nahda Group, Through The
Provided Private Intellectual Property, As A Result Of Which It Obtained The Original Approvals From The
Relevant Authorities In The Iraqi Government, The Most Important Of Which Is The Ministry Of Environment,
Which Classified The Project As Environmental Determinants (A) An Environmentally Friendly Project In
In addition To The Production Of 12 Megabytes And Above Efficient Performance From The Collection Of Only 1
Ton Of Solid Waste
The Production Capacity Is 150 Megawatts / Hour. The Project Value Is 185,000,000 US Dollars